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Remember way back when? Things were different. Somehow life seemed more pleasant. Sure there were problems, but, maybe because we were younger they didn't seem to bother us quite as much. My love affair with the automobile began years ago when as a wee lad I exited the candy store to come face to face with a brand new yellow and black 1955 Ford. It was love at first sight. I've owned mostly Ford products for much of my life starting with my first car - a 1953 Ford. They hold a special place in my heart. 1953 was the fiftieth anniversary of FoMoCo. I was a member of the Falcon Club of America for many years. I owned a Mustang until quite recently. While I consider myself a Ford man, I have come to appreciate many other makes and models as well. I still recall being told that there was another make of car called a Cord. Another car I've found quite interesting is the Tucker. I would love to own an antique automobile, however, I must content myself with doing research, reading car magazines and taking photos at car shows. Here is a video of the Wonderful 1960 Ford automobiles.While you are here, please check out the Cool Cars area.

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Ford Falcon

1964 Falcon

Ford Mustang

1978 Mustang

Ford Thunderbird

1983 Thunderbird

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